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GMO Foods Cause Organ Damage and Tumors

Arshley Joseph   May 15, 2019   Comments Off on GMO Foods Cause Organ Damage and Tumors

A new study found a human time bomb that is said to be able to injure and kill millions of people. According to a study of new French mice, GMO granules manifest into eruptions of new diseases that doctors have never seen. US corn production is 80% GMO and 93% GMO soybeans. This is the first-lifetime feeding program to evaluate… Read more »

Need For Roundup Cancer Lawyers

Arshley Joseph   March 8, 2019   Comments Off on Need For Roundup Cancer Lawyers

Roundup is a herbicide used around the world by farmers, landscapers, gardeners, maintenance workers, groundkeepers and agricultural workers, and homeowners to assist kill weeds. But continuous exposure to Roundup put the direct impact on DNA by damaging the body's cellular structure which leads to a different type of cancer. And if you're experiencing or a person in your family was… Read more »