Purchasing Gas Mask Online

Arshley Joseph   November 21, 2019   Comments Off on Purchasing Gas Mask Online

If you want to buy the best, state of the art, modern, intelligent gas masks available in the world where would you go?

You will look to a country surrounded by hostile enemies, with educated, intelligent population and money to spend on research and development of defensive weapons to the armed forces and the people.

Most military men and military equipment collectors agree that the Israeli army constantly design and mass produce a gas mask on the planet. 

For decades, Israel has faced attacks from the Middle East and the threat of a terrorist nuclear attack, biological, or chemical in this small country has grown bigger and more real every day. Not only gas masks, but also You can find Camping gear and accessories online. 

In areas of the world that is constantly in turmoil, it makes sense that the small country of Israel will produce the best protection. Israeli gas masks are known worldwide as the best of their kind, which has most of the advanced filtration system to protect against many known weapons of mass destruction as possible. When your neighbor is your enemy, you want to use the best.

One Israeli gas masks are most respected are available in the market today is called the M-15 Gas Mask. It is lightweight, with a secure and comfortable fit low breathing resistance, and a rubber material specially formulated for high resistance to NBC agents, superior comfort and durability.

Having Impact resistant cylindrical plastic lens with a wide field of vision, the NATO standard 40mm threaded tube housing, and a five-strap head harness with quick release buckles for easy donning and adjustment.