How to Make Your Home More Desireable to Buyers

Arshley Joseph   July 31, 2019   Comments Off on How to Make Your Home More Desireable to Buyers

You can ask a professional to help you showcase your home, however, you can do it all on your own and make it look much more desirable just as easily with these tips. You can visit this site to get more information about it.

Easy Ways You Can Make Your Home More Desirable

Little tricks of the mind and illusions are sometimes all it takes to make your home more desirable to buyers. Here are some ideas:

  • Put a box of Cadbury Milk Tray (or Thorntons, whatever floats your boat) out in the kitchen. These aren’t for the viewer to eat though!
  • Have a pitcher filled with water and fruit (lemons, limes) in the kitchen.
  • Hide all pet toys, litter boxes, bowls, and anything else that could indicate you have a pet. These people may not have and have no desire to get one!
  • The smell of baked goods has been proven to help sell a house. You can either pop an apple pie in the oven (which could come across as a little obvious), or light a yummy smelling Yankee Candle to give the illusion of baked goods cooking. Candles in every room will create a lovely glow anyway, so they’re highly recommended!
  • Put away anything gross – your toothbrush, the toilet brush, plungers, sponges, medications, etc.

Make Buyers Believe There’s More Space Than There Is

One thing buyers need is space, space, and more space. The good news is, you can actually fake more space without having to have an extension or anything! Here’s how:

  • Take a piece of furniture out of the bedroom; perhaps a nightstand that wouldn’t go amiss. If space is too tight this can be a real turn off.
  • Takedown old, worn, curtains from the windows. But hang on a sec – don’t replace them, leave them! Open windows make a room instantly look bigger.
  • Empty your wardrobe until there’s only about a third of it left to give the illusion of plenty of storage space.
  • Pack up at least half of your kid's toys from the playroom, and make sure they aren’t in there when it’s time for the viewing!
  • Remove small appliances off the kitchen counters, as this can triple the look of the workspace!

Try Feng Shui

Feng Shui gives a good ‘aura’ to a home, using the placement of furniture and different colors to make the different room’s ‘chi’ flow nicely. Try this:

  • Use a fruit bowl filled with colorful fruit as this is a symbol of prosperity.
  • Use a green doormat to symbolize new opportunity. You could also choose green accessories such as pillows and rugs!
  • Neutral colors should keep potential buyers calm, while colors like red symbolize discord and angry feelings. Don’t use too much of this color for the best result!

If you are still having trouble selling your house, you could try to sell your house fast with the best price paid. However, as you can see, the tips above are extremely simple to do and will make your home a buyer’s paradise.