Difference between Event Planning and Event Management

Arshley Joseph   April 23, 2019   Comments Off on Difference between Event Planning and Event Management


If you’re new and don’t have enough idea or knowledge based on the events industry, things can get confusing while differentiating an event planning and an event management. One of the main reasons of not understanding between the two, is due to different roles and job titles involved. So, how would you define the difference between an event planning and an event management?

  • Event Planning – It involves an event planner who makes plans for the event from the start till the end. They will mostly be working backstage in order to gather various feedbacks and end the event in the best possible manner. An event planner needs to make plans for the entire event. For example – deciding on the theme, organize speakers; create a budget and so on. This means their role in planning out needs to be perfect at all times. Their role is also about arranging hotels and transportation for a guest or an important speaker. One important thing to note is that – an event planner helps their clients to plan and design an event however, it is not their responsibility to deliver the event.
  • Event Management – Event management is all about making sure an entire event runs smoothly from the beginning to the end. Event manager has to make sure that every element of the event stays together to create an amazing experience. The event manager will need to co-operate and will be present for the entire event. They have to ensure that set-up is complete, important speaker is present at the venue, catering is handled and so on. The event manager has to also look at his staff and volunteers, make emergency plans in case someone gets injured during the event and so on.

With these differences, you can enquire event management companies in Sydney to get more additional information.