Commonly Asked Questions To A Brain Injury Lawyer

Arshley Joseph   July 19, 2019   Comments Off on Commonly Asked Questions To A Brain Injury Lawyer

A lawyer represents a traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury victim caused by someone else's fault. During his first meeting with clients, lawyers can answer many questions about brain injury claims and legal proceedings in general.

Here are some common questions:

How can the brain be injured?

The most common cause is a vehicle accident, falling from a height and getting injured while exercising. Direct trauma occurs when the head hits the steering wheel of a car, or someone is thrown through the windshield, head first.

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Brain injury lawyers also represent victims of construction accidents where workers fall from a certain height, experience brain injuries. If you are a victim of brain injury, you can simply visit to get suitable compensation.

What symptoms other than concussion and dizziness should we pay attention to?

A lawyer knows that symptoms of less obvious injuries are difficult to detect but can be just as dangerous in the long run. Here are some examples that must be considered:

  • Vision loss
  • Hearing disorders
  • Affects one's sense of smell and taste
  • Endocrinological disorders

Can brain damage be caused by lead poisoning?

At that early age, the amount of lead in the blood is harmful to the child's brain and can cause permanent injury. Peeling the paint chips that the child puts into his mouth can cause lifelong mental retardation and the lawyer will carefully examine your case to see if the owner fails to meet the housing standards set in maintaining your place.